If you thought that the feet are not that important body part, then you should know that you have been wrong all the time. The legs are actually the body part that is being exposed to physical activity more than any other body part. If you take a proper care of your legs, then they can help you prevent back, hip, and knee pain.

Walking on your toes

Anyone can perform this exercise, which is very easy and efficient when it comes to strengthening the muscles on your toes, ligaments, and the muscles around the shoulder blade. You should walk on your toes for about twenty seconds, and then rest for another ten to fifteen seconds. Then, repeat the whole process for five more time. Do this twice a day.

Circular motions with your joints

The joints are very important as they can contribute to pain in the muscles, in the hips, in the back, and in the knees.

This is why it is really important that your joints remain flexible. Lie down on your back and start moving your leg toward your head. Then, turn your joint around, making clockwise circular movements for about ten seconds. Repeat the same thing with the other leg as well.

Grabbing a pencil with your toes

This is very easy and simple exercise you can do at any place. All you have to do is to place a pencil on the floor and then try to grab it with your toes. Once you make it, remain in that position for ten seconds, and then let your toes loose.

Feet massage

Place a tennis ball right under the second toe of your right foot. Move the ball around your foot slowly for about one to three minutes, and then repeat the same thing with your left foot.

Stretching the heel tendons with the help of your knee

Stand up against a wall with your face turned towards the wall. Put one of your legs in front of you, a little bit bent in the knee. Make sure that both of your heels are steady on the floor and start moving your hips to the front, which is to the wall. Stay in this stretched position for about thirty seconds, and then let your body loose for another thirty seconds. Repeat the whole procedure twice.

Toe Stretching

Sit on a chair, and put your right leg on your left thigh. Hold your toes with your left hand, as if you are shaking hands with someone, and stretch them to the side for ten seconds. Repeat this three times for each foot.

Bending with resistance

This exercise is excellent for the minor leg muscles that are of vital importance when it comes to maintaining the balance. This exercise will help you avoid straining and injuries, especially of the muscles that are tight. Sit down and put your legs on the floor in front of you. Take an elastic rubber and pull it backwards while you are bending your body. bend your leg as well to the back and hold this position for five seconds. Repeat everything ten times.


Sit down on the floor, keeping your right leg on the floor straight in front of you, and your left leg under your thigh.

Bend your body in front of you, holding your toes in a position as shown in the picture, and start making slow movements in order to press your toes in opposite directions. Hold this position for about thirty seconds, and then repeat everything two times, on both legs.

Toe pressure

Before you start doing any type of exercise, you need to warm your muscles up. Toes are an excellent example. Stand up, mildly bend your knees and try to grab some item using your toes. Remain in this position until the count of three, and then repeat ten times.

Upward stretching of the legs and the toes

If you suffer from back pain, it is very likely that your tendons are closely linked to the problem. This is why you are recommended to stretch. Lie down on your back, with both of your legs in front of you. You will need a towel for the performance of this exercise. Put your leg up in the air, straighten your knee, and pull the towel toward your face.

However, be careful not to exaggerate. Hold this position for about twenty to thirty seconds and repeat the exercise twice on both legs.

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If you thought that the feet are not that important body part, then you should know that you have been wrong all the time. The legs are actually the body part that is being exposed to physical activity more than any other body part. If you take a proper...