A person’s bowel movement tells a lot about their health. Our stool works as a reminder about our health state which we get every day, but we still do not pay much attention to it. Moreover, no one even likes to talk about that.

Every person tries to eat healthy, organic, non-GMO food, but does not know if their body properly absorbs the nutrients or not. Our stool is a direct indicator of how well your body has digested the food you consume.

If a person does not have a healthy stool, their digestive tract probably moves too slow or too fast. Both of these irregularities increase the risk of developing chronic health issues such as chronic inflammatory conditions, neurological disease, and autoimmune disease.

This is What You Need to Do to Get Rid of Constipation and Have a Perfect Poop

What is a perfect stool?

The perfect stool is considered to be the bowel movement completed in the morning. The perfect stool also has brown color and the shape of a banana. Moreover, the perfect stool is always the same, regardless of the food you eat. Other features of the perfect stool include minimal odor and not sticking to the toilet.

What are the normal stools?

A normal stool is a stool that is completed once a day, in the first two to three hours of walking. Even though firmer, and with darker brown color, this stool is still regular. Other requirements of the normal stool are minimal odor and no gas.

What are imbalanced stools?

Dry and hard stools belong to the group of imbalanced stools. These stools are also rare, even less than once a day. Some of the basic characteristics of these types of stools are that they have no steady frequency and consistency and that the color of these stools is darker. They are accompanied by more gas and astringent odor, due to the longer transit time.

Tips on how to have a great stool:

1. Consume Good Food

You probably already know this one, as consuming a healthy food that contains lots of plants, means more fiber consumed.

Make sure you consume more leafy greens, roots and cruciferous vegetables, as well as fresh fruits. Furthermore, make sure your grains are properly prepared through sprouting and soaking.

Additionally, make sure you take in enough good fats, found in coconut oil, raw butter, avocados, olives, etc.

Also, remember to get protein-high food so that your bowel muscles are kept strong. Include the following ingredients in your diet:

  • eggs
  • pastured and organic meats
  • wild fish and seafood
  • raw or organic dairy products

in case you are vegetarian and you deal with constipation, and you also want to boost your bowel, try to consume more bananas, pumpkin seeds, oat bran, raspberries, etc. bananas and pumpkin seeds are abundant in magnesium, which makes the intestinal walls looser.

Loose poop is usually caused by spicy food, as it includes capsaicin, a spice that can be pretty irritating. This food often causes hemorrhoids as well.

Thus, if your poop is loose, eat more rice, lemon juice, apple sauce, and blueberries.

2. Proper Pooping Position

Sitting is not the optimal position for pooping, because the rectum is put into a bending position and causes straining so that it can eliminate. This straining puts pressure on the anal and rectal veins, and can lead to hemorrhoids, bowel herniation and other lower digestive tract diseases.

People should squat while eliminating. This is a primal practice that dates back from ancient times and even nowadays, more than half of the population in the world squats.

However, we cannot get rid of our toilet sits, but we can improve our form when we sit on them. You should lift you feet so that you get into a squatting position. You can get a little waste basket or a stool and put your feet on it.

3. Time for Pooping

Everyday pooping is pretty important. In order to achieve it, make a morning ritual and sit on the toilet for fifteen minutes, so that you train your body to eliminate on a daily basis.

4. Exercising

You can get rid of constipation by exercising. Exercising stimulates your nervous system and the nerves and muscles in the gut as well, so it makes them work better. You should walk at least. Yoga poses and abdominal massage also trigger the bowel movement.

5. Drinking a lot of Fluids

Water is beneficial for numerous things, one of them being moving things in your system. People who drink a lot of water have reduced chances to suffer from constipation. Additionally, water is essential for the process of forming the stool, so the large intestine always has the need for water.

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A person’s bowel movement tells a lot about their health. Our stool works as a reminder about our health state which we get every day, but we still do not pay much attention to it. Moreover, no one even likes to talk about that. Every person tries to eat healthy,...