You can reuse everything, even the paper towel and the toilet paper rolls.

Don’t Throw Out Those Paper Towel and Toilet Paper Rolls! Here Are 17 Brilliant Ways to Reuse Them!

When the paper towels are done, recycle the roll, as there are numerous incredible ways for you to do it and use some of the many DIY projects. Thanks to their versatility, you can reuse these rolls for making wonderful crafts for around your home and for other handy tricks that will make your life easier. If this does not seem believable, take a look at these 17 brilliant ways to reuse the rolls in extremely useful ways.

1. Lace Bracelets


You can make wonderful lace bracelets from the toilet paper rolls, especially for your kids, as their wrists are tinier. The lace bracelets look very pretty and no one could ever tell that they are actually rolls of toilet paper covered in lace and cute buttons. This can serve you as costume jewelry as well, and the best thing about it is that it is cheap.

2. Tabletop Organizer


This is an incredible hack you can use. Just cut a few paper towel rolls to different heights, wrap them in interesting, colorful papers and organize your office area in the best and the most beautiful way possible.

3. DIY iPhone Speaker


If you do not have an iPhone speaker, it is not a big thing at all. You can make your own speakers by yourself, using toiler paper roll only.

4. Hanger Hack


You hate those creases in your pants? Do this hack and make your life easier. By taping a paper towel roll around your hanger you will prevent those irritating lines in your trousers.

5. Cord Holders


Stray cords are really, really irritating. When you don’t use the cords, place them in a holder made from a paper towel roll, instead of letting them tangle and take up room. You can also decorate the rolls using some fabrics and other ornaments and make them look pretty.

6. Toilet Roll Organizer


This hack is awesome and it can help a lot of people. Just trim each of the rolls so that it is a little shorter than the height of the drawer. Secure the rolls and make sure they will stick together by applying some hot glue to the sides of the rolls. Put a dot at the bottom of each roll of this hot glue and make a piece of poster board trimmed to fit the inside of your drawer. Use these for storing different things, from jewelry to office supplies.

7. DIY Knife Sheath


You need a knife sheath, and you do not have one at the moment? Make your own by cutting open a paper towel roll and you will get an instant, cheap and protective solution.

8. Fire Starter


It may look easy on the TV, but let’s face it, starting a camp fire is not that easy. In case you need a quick short cut, use a toilet paper roll, as it is an ideal all-in-one kindling.

9. Wall Art


Can you believe that this wonderful ornament is made of toilet paper rolls? Yes, it is. As strange as it may sound to you, you can make a lovely piece of art on your living room wall using toilet paper rolls. Great thing about it is that almost no one could tell what it is made from.

10. Grow Seedlings


You can grow some seedlings into the toilet paper rolls, as they provide the perfect size and shape for this. When they start growing, replace them into bigger pots.

11. Plastic Bag Holder


Plastic bags can make a real mess if left unorganized. Luckily, there is an easy and simple way for you to keep them organized and in order until you need them. Just stuff them into a paper towel roll and – problem solved.

12. Hidden Compartment


Did you know you can easily hide anything in a toilet paper roll? It is the best way to hide money for example as a secret gift.

13. DIY Bird Feeder


You can make an excellent bird feeder from the toilet paper rolls and keep your birds satisfied. It is very easy, and you can make it into multiple tiers, which would be ideal if the birds really love you. Also, it is a much cheaper option than buying a feeder from the store.

14. Wrapping Paper Holder


Leaving the wrapping paper aside usually ends up in unraveled, torn, and unusable wrapping paper. However, there is a way for you to change this and keep your wrapping paper usable for as long as possible by cutting open toilet paper rolls and taping them around the wrapping paper.

15. Jewelry Holder


This might take you some time and effort, but you will get brilliant results – such a handy craft! Organize your jewelry and prevent the tangling with this DIY jewelry holder. The best thing about it is that you can make it and decorate it according to your own wishes and taste.

16. DIY Wreath


Just as making your own wall art, you can also make your own beautiful wreaths out of toilet paper rolls. It is simple and easy way for you to use your imagination and make a wonderful Christmas decoration.

17. Party Favors


You can make interesting and beautiful party favors out of toilet paper rolls. You just need to fill them with whatever you like and the black canvas of the paper towel roll indicates that you can theme the party favor, whether it is Christmas, the 4th of July, or any other occasion.

Do you have your own interesting and useful idea on how to use the toilet paper rolls? If you do, share it with us.

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You can reuse everything, even the paper towel and the toilet paper rolls. When the paper towels are done, recycle the roll, as there are numerous incredible ways for you to do it and use some of the many DIY projects. Thanks to their versatility, you can reuse these rolls...