Also known under the name lunula, this half-moon is positioned on the root of your nails and it is brighter than your skin. A great deal of people are not familiar to the fact that this half-moon can express the state of your health or serve as a warning that you have some health problems. Find out what exactly these shapes on your nails reveal about you.

Big half-moon


The lunula is considered to be big when it occupies a third of your nail. This is a sign of an increased blood pressure and overladen heart. Usually, this is the result of stress. If the lunula is big on the most of your nails, you should really start considering reducing the level of stress. Try to achieve this by reading or meditation.

Small half-moon


A small half-moon that you can barely notice in the roots of your nails implies a low energy level, low blood pressure, and a weak blood circulation. It can also be a sign of a weak immune system. If your nails have this small half-moon in the base, you should try sleeping and eating more so that you increase your energy level. You should also check the levels of iron and vitamins in your body, as their lack can be contributing to the low energy levels.

A white or ivory half-moon


A white or whitish half-moon in the base of your nails is a completely normal thing. It signifies that you are in a good shape and do not have any health issues. The color may vary from person to person, but this variation, as long as it is whitish, is insignificant, and you do not have to worry because you are healthy.

Gray half-moon


This is a sign that you do not have enough energy and that you feel more tired than normal. It can also be a sign of some problems with the digestive system. A gray lunula can also signify problems with the absorption of nutrients. If your lunulas are gray, you should consult your doctor and make some lifestyle changes in order to reset your energy at normal levels.

Pink half-moon


If the color of the lunula is similar to the color of your skin under the nail, and it is a nuance of pink, it may be a sign that you put a lot of pressure on you and you overburden yourself physically. As a result, it may signify some problems with your lungs. If the lunulas have pink or pinkish color, try to get some rest from work and let your body regain its energy.

Violet half-moon


A violet lunula is a sign of weak blood circulation and lack of oxygen in the organs and the tissues. If you experience vertigos and headaches, the cause of the problem can be sought in the circulation. Talk to your doctor and ask them to tell you how can you improve your blood circulation and reduce the tiredness, the headaches, and the vertigos.

Black half-moon


A dark or black lunula is an alarming sign that implies presence of heavy metals or poisoning. If you notice that some of the lunulas on your nails, even one of them has become dark or black, you should seek medical help right away. This can also be the result of some injury or cut. Damage of the lunula of any kind can permanently damage the nail, so it is a reason for you to visit your doctor.

Invisible half-moon


An invisible half-moon or a very tiny Half-moon can signify a low energy level, as well as a weak immune system and liability to colds and illnesses. This type of half-moon is also a sign of insufficient level of vitamins and nutrients which are being absorbed in the body. Maybe your lunula is not visible because it is positioned right under the agnail, which is pretty frequent (especially on the pinky finger). If you can see the lunula on your index finger and on your middle finger, but not on the pinky one, then everything is OK and you do not have to worry.

What if the changes are visible only on one fingernail?


If you notice that only one of the lunulas on your fingernails has changed its color, you should know that it denotes a specific health problem. According to the traditional Chinese medicine, each finger represents a certain body organ and the change of color of the lunula on a certain fingernail denotes a problem with the body organ the finger represents. The thumb is linked to the lungs and the spleen, the index finger to the digestive system, the middle finger to the heart and the brain, the ring finger to the reproductive system, and the pinky to the heart and the kidneys. In case you notice any changes or pain, you must visit your doctor.

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Also known under the name lunula, this half-moon is positioned on the root of your nails and it is brighter than your skin. A great deal of people are not familiar to the fact that this half-moon can express the state of your health or serve as a warning...