Not all people were born with healthy and beautiful hair, and there is a good reason for this. Every person loses hairs from their head on a daily basis and it is a part of the natural cycle of the process of hair growth. However, if this gets too frequent and noticeable, it may be a sign that it is about time that you ask for some help of a professional.

1. “The first of the list of reasons that may be causing the hair loss is the use of a plastic hairbrush or comb”, says Rebecca Casin, a dermatologist. “Hairbrushes and combs made of plastic are unnatural and thus can be pretty aggressive towards your hair and scalp. The hairbrushes made of natural materials can help you reduce the damage”

2. Hair loss is a frequent problem of people who do not use hair conditioner, because hair conditioners are known to support the restoration process of the natural oils that are being lost on the scalp during washing, the doctor explains. The nutritive hair conditioners will help you make your hair stronger and smoother.

3. The excess use of products for hair styling can cause hair loss, says Doctor Robert Dorin. Our daily routine that includes all the hair products and treatments we use is known to cause hair loss. Even though they usually only damage the hair follicles, sometimes these products and treatments can kill the follicles if you use them continually.

4. Another reason that causes hair loss is brushing the hair while it is wet. The wet hair is the most sensitive, says doctor Dorin. Brushing your hair while it is wet and fanning it are the worst things you can do to your hair. The doctor suggests that you brush or comb your hair prior to washing, and that you only gently tap it with a soft towel afterwards.

5. Hot water is another negative influence on this list, as it dehydrates the hair and breaks it. Doctor Dorin explains that hot water removes the natural oils and closes the pores on the scalp, which leads to damage of the hair. He suggests that you wash your hair using a mild water instead of hot water, and that you rinse it in the end using colder water. Cold water and keratin cells provide a natural protection that makes the hairs stronger.

6. Another huge hair styling mistake done by many people is using the hot air fan on the hair. Doctor Casin explains that the heat from the fan can cause an extreme damage to the hair, and she advises you to dry your hair at the lowest temperature possible. It may take a little longer, but it won’t damage it.

7. The sun can also damage your hair, because the UV beams reduce the amount of keratin. The sun can damage the entire hair, from the roots to the tips, even cause split tips, says doctor Dorin. He suggests that you apply a cream with a sun protection factor on your hair before you get out in the sun.

8. Using hair styling products with long expiration date can be harmful. These products usually contain great amounts of alcohol, which causes breaking of the hair and hair loss. Try to avoid products that make the hair firm, and use softer ones instead, like the creams that maintain the moisture in the hair.

9. Sometimes, some vitamins can be the cause of hair loss. Unnecessary vitamins that are not water-soluble can cause side effects. Some vitamins, including vitamin A can cause hair loss or make it fragile. The doctors suggest that you consult your physician and check which vitamins and minerals are suitable for you and your hair.

10. Hair loss can sometimes be the result of some medical conditions, such as seborrhea, dermatitis, psoriasis, and fungal infections, which may disturb the process of hair growth and cause hair loss in different areas of the body, claims doctor Dorin. He suggests that if you suspect that you have some of these health issues, you should go and visit a specialist. In general, shampoos that contain salicylic acid, UV light, as well as certain lotions can be the solution to this problem.

11. A sudden change of diet or malnutrition is also a common cause of hair loss. Doctor Dorin explains that the best foods that will support the health of your hair are the green leafy vegetables and the eggs. In his words, the food rich in calcium and iron can significantly reduce hair fall. The proteins are also a very important part of the proper diet.

12. In case you experience a sudden hair loss, you might be suffering from another, major health issue. Some of these health issues include hypothyroidism, lack of iron, the polycystic ovary syndrome, discoid lupus and sarcoidosis. The most of these health conditions can be cured, but you need to consult your doctor first.

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Not all people were born with healthy and beautiful hair, and there is a good reason for this. Every person loses hairs from their head on a daily basis and it is a part of the natural cycle of the process of hair growth. However, if this gets too...