Losing weight is not an easy thing, especially if you do not want to starve yourself. Great news: there is a way to lose several pounds while you eat everything you want. All you have to do is follow this eight-hour diet plan.

The secret of this diet is that you are allowed to eat for only eight hours, and then you need to fast for the remaining sixteen hours. Even though some may think that this is impossible, it is not, and it is not even hard to do so, as the author of this diet, David Zinczenko claims.

A part of this diet is taking a good night’s sleep of about seven to eight hours. You need to spend eight hours eating and doing all your daily activities, which is not that hard. You just need to control your hunger for sixteen hours.

Why the 8-hour diet works?

The answer is quite simple: unlike all other diet plans that include counting calories, this dietary plan will help you lose weight without paying attention to that part. Also, there are some other benefits this diet provides you:

1. Aids digestion

Most people spend the most of their time, especially the time of work sitting. This continues for nine hours or more. However, this makes it harder for our body to digest the food we have consumed. This is why it is often hard for us to shed pounds.

With this dietary plan, our body has the maximum time to digest all the food we have consumed during those eight hours.

2. Burns more calories

The calorie intake is limited to eight-hour period on a daily basis so the time between the last meal and the breakfast is being increased. This helps the body burn the fat it has previously stored.

3. Get proper rest

The period of sixteen hours of fasting helps your body to relax. Then, you can freely rest and stretch.

4. Prevents diseases and aging

Thanks to this diet, you will trigger the energy you have inside your body cells. This will also reduce the intercellular damage and help you maximize your energy levels. Moreover, the process of aging is going to be slowed down and thus, you will eliminate the increased risk of diabetes, cancer, and heart diseases.

What to eat while following the 8-hour diet?

Here’s the detailed plan:

– Begin your day with a cup of green tea or a glass of detox drink.

– For breakfast, have a banana or kale smoothie with some wheat flakes and skimmed milk. If you are allergic to lactose, you can have eggs with toast or anything else you want.

– You are recommended to take some watery fruit before lunch, like watermelon for example, or a vegetable salad, or four soaked almonds.

– For lunch, make sure that you take in ingredients such as tuna/vegetable sandwich or baked fish/tortilla wrap combined with vegetables and low-fat yoghurt with some fresh fruit juice.

– For a dessert after lunch you can have an orange or an apple with a dark chocolate brownie.

– In the evening, you can have some popcorn, baked potato wafers or nachos with low-fat mayonnaise.

– For dinner, have a chicken/lentil soup with some fruit custard, some grilled vegetables or chicken kebab with bread pudding, or vegetable lasagna with cucumber juice. You can also opt for a glass of milk or some kidney beans with chapattis.

– The best thing about this diet is that you can eat any food you want for eight hours, but the gap of sixteen hours is huge.

– Your dinner should not be later than 6 p.m. stick to this rule strictly.

– Do not forget that you also need to exercise. Do some physical activity on a regular basis, at least three times weekly. After all, weight loss is a process that depends 70 percent on healthy diet and 30 percent on exercise. What you eat is very important.

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Losing weight is not an easy thing, especially if you do not want to starve yourself. Great news: there is a way to lose several pounds while you eat everything you want. All you have to do is follow this eight-hour diet plan.The secret of this diet is that...