The high presence of estrogen in the body has become one of the top topics, and, while most people are learning to read the signs and symptoms of this condition, numerous others are left to wonder what can they actually do if they find themselves in a situation like this one. Here we present you a simple protocol that will help you bring your hormones back into balance. Both men and women can use this protocol for re-establishing the balance, as well as for preventing this condition.

However, before we start, we present you a quick recap:

Top 10 Symptoms of Estrogen Dominance

1. Hair loss

2. Abnormal menstrual periods

3. Weight gain (especially in the hip and the abdominal area)

4. Brain fog

5. Bad PMS (mood swings, headaches, tenderness and/or swelling of the breasts)

6. Thyroid dysfunction

7. Fatigue

8. Sleeping issues

9. Sluggish metabolism

10. Low libido

Step 1: Remove Xenoestrogens

Unluckily, the industrialization and the new technological innovations come with a number of side effects, one of them being the harmful chemical substances that have become a part of our everyday routine. One of these chemical compounds is “xenoestrogen”, a compound that can mimic estrogen in the body. Everyone is being bombarded of this substance every day, so it is no wonder that so many people are suffering from estrogen dominance.

Here is a list of some of the greatest offenders that swap out of our daily routine:

  • Pills for birth control
  • Tap water
  • Plastic water bottles
  • Dryer sheets
  • Plastic Tupperware
  • BPA cans
  • Non-organic dairy products
  • Cosmetics, makeup and toiletries (try to use only natural lines of products)
  • Soy protein isolate

Step 2: Ensure Efficient Elimination

Of course that everyone would like to eliminate the excess estrogen from their body, but what if someone is chronically constipated? In cases like these, the estrogen is stuck and it does not go anywhere, so it simply re-enters the bloodstream and it circulates throughout the body, continuing to cause problems. This is why you need to make this step before you start taking liver and estrogen detoxification supporting supplements.

Ensure that you have bowel movement on a daily basis. If not, we recommend that you try:

  • Filling up half of your plate with vegetables at every meal
  • Adding a scoop of fiber to the smoothie, oatmeal, or parfait you consume every day
  • Consumption of probiotic foods, such as miso, sauerkraut, kimchi, plain yogurt, kefir, and tempeh
  • Drinking two to three liters of water a day
  • Magnesium citrate or triphala (an Ayurvedic herb) supplementation, as these promote bowel movement

If you want to ensure elimination through all pathways in the body, you should also perform the following things:

  • Go for a massage which supports the lymph
  • Inhale deeply to support the lungs
  • Utilize a dry skin brush to eliminate dead skin cells
  • Sweat through exercises or sit in a sauna to support the elimination of toxins via the skin

Step 3: Support Liver Health & Estrogen Detoxification

When it comes to removing the excess estrogen from the body, it is essential that our liver works well. There are two phases of detoxification performed in the liver: during phase 1, the liver turns the harmful estrogen into milder, weaker form of estrogen. In phase 2, the liver turns this mild form of estrogen into a water-soluble form so that it can be excreted via the urine and via the stool.

As we can see, supporting phase 1 and phase 2 of detoxification is vital. However, there are cases where this is impossible, and these cases are:

  • If the liver does not get the necessary nutrients to fulfill phase 1 and phase 2
  • If other chemicals take over the priority of the liver function. These chemicals include drugs, alcohol, junk food (the liver cannot do wonders if it gets overburdened)

If you want to support your liver’s function, here is what you should do:

  • Drink a lot of clean and filtered water
  • Avoid eating processed foods and try eating organic, whole foods
  • Avoid drinking alcohol
  • Avoid overeating
  • Consume foods that support the health and the function of the liver (such as dandelion greens, dark leafy greens, beets, artichoke, garlic, onions, shallots, eggs, leeks, cruciferous vegetables, shallots, kale, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, etc.)
  • Supplement your diet with botanicals that support the health of the liver (including dandelion root, barberry, milk thistle, gentian, Oregon grape root, licorice, rosemary, wild yam, ginger, burdock, red clover, etc)
  • Supplement your diet with nutrients that trigger the process of detoxification, such as: – B vitamins (especially folic acid, B6, and B12) and
  • A hormone balancing formula that contains the following substances, or at least one or some of them: indole-3-carbinol, DIM, calcium-D-glucarate, sulforaphane

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The high presence of estrogen in the body has become one of the top topics, and, while most people are learning to read the signs and symptoms of this condition, numerous others are left to wonder what can they actually do if they find themselves in a situation like...