Recently the news for the plastic rice coming from China were widely spread. In spite of that, no one does anything. And that is not even the worst part: there are more artificial foods and the thing with them has gone too far.

And what’s the problem with the plastic rice? Even small amount of plastic when ingested has terrible consequences for the digestive system and the hormones. The plastic contains a chemical that mimics estrogen and that is why the levels of this hormone in the body increase way too much when plastic is ingested. To consume plastic rice is as if you are begging to die young from breast cancer.

From time to time I hear something crazy like this coming from China and that is why I have become so cautious when it comes to food from China. That food is being shipped from so far away and anything can happen to it while it is on its way here, it can go bad or become contaminated. Besides that, there are the information about the Chinese companies that do stuff with food like making it fake, and extremely cheap, which is suspicious. Their innovation methods are used for producing technology, toys and all kinds of products which are very cheap and they continue to apply that mindset to food, which is extremely dangerous and harmful.

10 Foods Made In China That Are Filled With Plastic, Pesticides and Cancer Causing Chemicals

1. Tilapia Fish

this fish is commonly farmed in China, but it is one of the worst, most poisonous and unhealthiest fish you can find on the market. The tilapia fish consumes anything, and these fish live in small pools with waste water in them. If you buy fish, do not buy this one, because it is known that in China the farmers that produce sea food do not let their children eat the food they farm and produce. This is pretty clear. The bad news is that 80 percent of tilapia fish in the USA come from China.

2. Cod fish

Another kind of fish also grown and farmed in China is the cod fish. Another unhealthy kind that lives on its own waste is this fish that you should avoid, even though 50 percent of this type of fish in the US comes from China.

3. Chinese apple juice

As it is the case with cod fish, 50 percent of the apple juice in the US also comes from China. China is the country that uses the most pesticides in the world and they use it on food. Whether it is for yourself or especially if it is for your children, do not buy this apple juice that is too loaded with sugar. If you want to use another type of apple juice that does not come from China and is not loaded with pesticides, at least mix it with some vegetable juice to avoid increasing of your blood sugar levels.

4. Processed mushrooms

some tainted mushrooms from China have been recently discovered in the USA. Some companies in China want to increase their profit so much that they have labeled this product as “organic” in order to get a better price for it and it isn’t organic at all. You must have heard about the “mystery mushrooms” coming from China that are synthetic. 34 percent of the total amount of processed mushrooms in the US is coming from China, so that’s why you should be careful and avoid them and try to find some that are locally produced and organic. The best way to know that is if you know the manufacturer.

5. Chinese garlic

Inspectors in the US have discovered that the garlic that comes from China is also tainted. This garlic has been sprayed with pesticides and chemicals way too many times and it has quite bad aftertaste, due to the chemical concoction. About 31 percent of the garlic in the grocery stores in the US comes from China.

6. Chicken

Chicken from China is being sold in the USA from 2013. However, there are some nutritionists and experts on food safety that are concerned about the quality of the chicken because in China there have been many cases of avian influenza and cases of illnesses caused by food. Also, China is producer of the greatest amount of pesticides in the world and is very much polluted from the pesticides, as well as from the industry and the mass production that we don’t know how well is controlled.

7. Plastic rice

China has become popular because it has been said that artificial, plastic rice is being produced there. This rice is said to be made of fake artificial resin and potatoes. When cooked, this rice stays hard and causes difficulties to the digestive system. If consumed long enough, it can lead to cancer after some time.

8. Mud (sold as black pepper)

A manufacturer from China was discovered to have been selling mud instead of black pepper and flour instead of white pepper. That is inexplicable. In China there are not many laws that regulate the food they eat and its safety. However, just to compare, even though in America there are many laws for this, we still do not have food of high quality and we can run into literally anything on the market.

9. Industrial salt

this salt is not meant to be consumed in the everyday diet, still, it has been sold as table salt for 13 years. This salt can cause physical as well as mental problems, problems with the hypothyroid and the reproductive system in people.

10. Green peas

this is also something very bizarre and hard to understand. In 2005, fake green peas were discovered in China and it is probably still being produced by manufacturers there. These peas constituted from soy beans, snow peas and green dye and sodium metabisulfite (chemical used as a preservative and as bleach). The dye is forbidden because it can lead to cancer and prevent body’s natural ability to absorb calcium. These peas also remain hard after boiling and the water where they have been boiled turns green. That is why you should stay away from peas made in China.

To sum up, China is the greatest producer of pesticides in the world and that is why the food produced there is most probably laced with pesticides. This and other factors also make it one of the most polluted areas in the world. About 70 percent of the rivers in China are polluted and the air is almost poisonous and the sheer volume production of products there leaves a lot of poisonous chemicals and by-products as waste that leak into the environment.

For instance, the air in Beijing China is so polluted that breathing there is compared to smoking 40 cigarettes per day, according to a new study from 2015. that is why when you hear that a product is from China, you should stay away from it.

How can you find out whether the apple juice or any other product you buy and we might have mentioned it above is from China? Honestly, it is not easy to say that. That is why the best and safest solution is to buy products from local farmers you know. This way you can find out whether the product was produced naturally or under what conditions. You should always ask questions about it. The sooner you find out, the better for you and for your general wellbeing.

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Recently the news for the plastic rice coming from China were widely spread. In spite of that, no one does anything. And that is not even the worst part: there are more artificial foods and the thing with them has gone too far. And what’s the problem with the plastic...